The Key to Happiness

Do you feel overwhelmed by fear and anxiety? Do you find yourself reacting to negative events instead
of taking positive action? Does life seem like a relentless treadmill where you struggle to find joy?

Believe it or not, you hold the key to happiness in your hand. But you need to stop chasing what you
seek and allow it to come to you.

Self Care

Many of us feel deprived in some way, and are jealous of the good fortune or success of our friends or

It is completely normal to feel the need to be cared for and it is very common to feel the lack if you have
needs that are unmet. But these feelings are unnecessary. You hold the power to meet all of your needs
by taking care of yourself.

Self Care is absolutely vital for your health and well-being. Caring for yourself, physically and mentally,
allows you to be more available and open to the needs of others.


Group Workshops

Opening your mind is often not as easy as we might hope. After years of suppression, your true feelings
may be buried in physical tension. Group Workshops blend meditation and asanas (yoga postures) to
unlock tension, releasing pent-up energy and allowing your mind to find stillness.

Group workshops are perfect for universities, organizations or groups of friends to come together and
learn the basic yogic philosophy of finding happiness though simplicity.

Contact us today to book your group workshop and discover how to make life feel just a
little bit less complicated.


Corporate and Hospital Mindfulness Workshops

While a certain amount of stress is normal and productive, chronic exposure to high levels of stress
taxes the body, causing higher blood pressure, irritability, and lowers your immunity and general feeling
of satisfaction.

Corporate and Hospital Mindfulness Workshops bring employees together to find the center and focus
needed to stay on top of the challenging demands of today’s workplace.
The light stretching and mediation session introduces employees to the yogic philosophy, while using
common terminology and remaining completely secular. Workshops can be tailored to fit group

Contact us to schedule your Corporate and Hospital Mindfulness Workshop and start
reducing stress today.


Skype Classes

Distance doesn’t have to be a limiting factor. If you can’t attend an in-person workshop or class, you can
always schedule one-on- one or group sessions via Skype. We can tailor the frequency and structure of
the classes to fit your individual needs, incorporating meditation, asanas, philosophy and life coaching as
needed or desired.

Contact us to find out how Skype Classes can bring mindfulness to your everyday life.


About Nandini

Nandini Jayaprasad is a yoga and meditation teacher and life coach who has traveled the world in her
search for enlightenment. Her travels throughout the Himalayas were marked with periods of study at
various Indian monasteries.

Fueled by the study of world religions, Nandini’s desire to understand and embrace all aspects of life
brought her to work closely with hospice patients, whose strength and individuality continue to instruct
and inspire.



Registered Yoga Teacher: Yoga Alliance
Meditation Teacher: Shree Mahesh Meditation School
Life Coach Camp: Robert Holden


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